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German real estate investment platform Exporo raises €43m to expand to neighbouring countries

By 14/06/2019June 4th, 2021No Comments

Exporo is Hamburg-based real estate crowdfunding platform that allows anyone to invest in real estate projects that were previously only accessible to institutional or professional investors, starting with as little as €500. Founded in 2014, Exporo is now planning to expand into international markets, and has raised a €43 million round in order to do so.

The round was led by Partech with participation from previous investors including, Heartcore, and HV Holtzbrinck Ventures.

Exporo will invest the additional capital in its platform with new offerings, such as a portfolio creator and a real-time commercial centre. It also plans to expand internationally, with a focus on neighbouring European countries, and expand its team of 140 people, especially in the areas of real estate, sales and IT.

Since it was founded, Exporo has financed around 200 real estate projects through more than 20,000 clients and has raised more than €420 million.

“We want to change the way we invest in real estate by digitizing access and connecting thousands of private investors through our online platform, which invests in individual and professional real estate starting at €500,” said Exporo CEO Simon Brunke.

In addition to financing short-term audited real estate projects with fixed interest rates, investors can invest in individual real estate as owners, taking advantage of the continuous rental income and increasing the value of the property.

“The real estate investment market for retail investors is not only a huge market, but also one of the most inefficient, many have tried to revolutionize it from different angles, but very few have achieved this,” said Bruno Crémel, general partner at Partech Growth. “To combine all the key success factors in this area, Björn, Julian and Simon, whom we have been following at Partech for many years, have assembled an eclectic team with the right combination of technology, regulation and real estate experience, which makes Exporo so unique and successful in our opinion, and we are very proud to contribute to this transformation in the real estate industry through our partnership with Exporo and we hope to support the team in the coming years.”