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Indeni releases new cloud security analysis tool Cloudrail

By 24/02/2021June 4th, 2021No Comments

Indeni, a leading security infrastructure automation company, today announced the release of a new cloud security analysis tool.

Cloudrail analyzes Terraform files to help security engineers identify issues, predict exposures before deployment, and provide developers with guardrails. Security professionals can use it to enforce the requirements that matter most to their organization. This improves collaboration between development, security and operations, reducing the likelihood of data breaches without slowing down delivery times.

Research by IBM and the Ponemon Institute found the average cost of a cloud-related data breach in 2020 was $4.4 million, and cloud misconfigurations were the most common culprit. Security issues are also among the top three reasons for deployment delays, according to a recent survey by the Advanced Technology Research Center (ATARC).

A “shift left” approach that involves security earlier in the development process helps companies avoid making more costly fixes later or delaying deployment.

However, manual security reviews are time-consuming and difficult to manage as companies grow. Cloudrail eliminates this so security professionals can focus on strategic priorities while deploying cloud environments with confidence.

Cloudrail is a container that integrates easily into CI/CD pipelines.

It takes a snapshot of your Terraform plan and your cloud environment to understand the relationships between resources and identify only the issues that can be exploited by a bad actor. This results in three times fewer alerts than comparable cloud security posture management tools and IaC solutions.

“Existing solutions catch issues too late in development and with too many false positives, resulting in many unnecessary alerts and frustration for developers,” Indeni CEO & Founder Yoni Leitersdorf said. “Cloudrail flags the issues your developers are actually likely to fix, rather than giving them a long list of items.”

As organizations adopt new digital transformation initiatives, a growing number of them will need both network security and cloud security solutions. Indeni’s deep knowledge and partnerships uniquely position it to provide enhanced security from all angles. Indeni’s partnership with Check Point Software Technologies is one such example.

“As a cloud security leader, Check Point Software Technologies delivers the highest level of security for any cloud environment with offerings that span both Cloud practitioners and Cloud DevOps. In order to modernize security programs, organizations should use both “shift left” and “shift right” security approaches,” said Dr. Dorit Dor, Vice President of Products at Check Point Software. “Shift left moves security testing early in the development cycle while shift right provides better visibility and defense capabilities in production. Together, Check Point’s CloudGuard Posture Management and Indeni’s Cloudrail can improve your organization’s cloud security posture by supporting both –left and –right motions.”

Indeni is now offering 200 free evaluations per month through April 2021. After that, users can continue to perform 30 evaluations per month for free. To learn more about how it works and get started today, visit