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Quali and Accedian partner to tackle to challenges of cloud migration and 5G test automation for network slices

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Accedian, a leading provider of application and network performance solutions, has partnered with¬†Quali, the leader in delivering intelligent Environments-as-a-Service (EaaS) for cloud and DevOps automation, to help service providers and enterprises ensure seamless digital experiences as they undergo transitions and migrations often associated with performance and security risks. Accedian and Quali, working with their system integrator and channel partners, will deliver a new offering, Secure and Fast, to their global customers. In this solution, Accedian’s SkyLIGHT combines advanced network flow monitoring, real-time application transaction capture and end user experience tracking as part of Secure and Fast’s full stack performance and security posture assessments.

Secure & Fast combines Quali’s Cloudshell Pro with Accedian’s SkyLIGHT PVX unified NPM/APM solution and Cavirin’s¬†CyberPosture Intelligence, a security and compliance solution for hybrid infrastructures. It promotes collaboration and enables organizations to simplify application and cloud rollouts, automate and expedite deployment processes, validate cybersecurity postures, and gain visibility into resource usage and potential performance impacts – all in a replicable and secure sandbox environment before going `live’ with any changes or updates.

The benefits for enterprises and service providers include:

  • Faster delivery of physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure for new products and services
  • Real-time monitoring of application performance and transaction times across multi-cloud environments
  • Ability to pinpoint the root-causes of performance degradations
  • Comprehensive visibility into the impact to overall system security posture
  • Risk-free, lab-as-a-service tests of SDN and 5G network slices


“We are excited to work with Quali as it gives our customers an opportunity to safely replicate and measure the impacts of application, cloud and network migrations on business productivity and the bottom line,” said¬†Richard Piasentin, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Accedian. “We understand how important it is for all businesses to ensure secure application delivery anywhere, while not sacrificing high levels of performance for business-critical applications. We look forward to working with Quali and Cavirin on new solutions to orchestrate and automate the testing of network slices and 5G network labs.”

“Testing 5G networks using Lab as a Service with Secure and Fast capabilities empowers organizations to accelerate their products and services to market,” said Sunny (Dos) Dosanjh, Technical Marketing Director, Quali. “With intelligent cloud tools such as Secure & Fast, it has become a lot easier to deploy workloads efficiently and uniformly across public, private/hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The granularity of Accedian’s solutions will be key to analyzing network flows within the data center as well as measuring end user experience and application transaction times.”

“We are excited to be working with both Accedian and Quali on Secure and Fast, a solution that will help minimize the risks associated with 5G security, deployment, and performance while assuring optimal quality of service levels and user experience,” said¬†Mukul Kumar, Cavirin CISO.