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Signal AI launches Workspaces platform to facilitate remote collaboration

By 10/11/2020June 4th, 2021No Comments

Signal AI, a strategic communications tool provider that uses AI to interpret the world’s media and turn it into insight empowering better decisions, announced the launch of their new “Workspaces” offering, enabling PR and communications teams to be more collaborative.

Signal AI has emerged as a leading disruptor in the PR and communications market recently through the use of “trainable” artificial intelligence, allowing customers to customize the Signal AI platform to spot, interpret, and recommend key media and communication insights. The platform’s brain, named AIQ, can read and interpret over 5 million documents a day, from over 100 languages, and surface critical media intelligence in real-time.

David Benigson CEO Signal says, “In these unprecedented times, collaborating as a team while working remotely is more important than ever. Signal AI has responded to this recent shift in workflow to put collaboration at the heart of the platform. Innovation and iteration are key company values at Signal AI, and this latest product release marks another milestone in our vision to enable better decision making through AI-powered insight. Collaboration is key for our 600+ clients and CCOs who may have teams working on different campaigns in different countries, and for our communication agency partners who may have a variety of clients and campaigns running at the same time.”

Building new and critical capability into the Signal AI platform, Workspaces enables communications professionals, agencies, and in-house communications and PR leaders to more easily collaborate on their communications plans and reputation management strategies. In turn, this helps communications leaders and teams achieve better results for their clients, by saving time finding what they need when they need it on the platform.

In-house comms leaders can share workspaces across teams, and time zones, while PR and communications agencies can create workspaces for individual clients and share critical information across teams working remotely. With Workspaces, clients can:

  • Create shared workspaces, where multiple team members and stakeholders can work together by compartmentalizing projects for each client or initiative
  • Understand performance by organizing campaigns into Workspaces and use the AIQ engine to turn data into insight
  • Create private project workspaces to develop a strategy
  • Co-create and edit newsletters with colleagues in different locations, in real-time, or share updates or previews of newsletters with key decision-makers ahead of a launch

Luca Grulla, CTO Signal AI says: “We want to create not only the most powerful and impactful AI-powered strategic communication tool on the market but one which places communication leaders at the center of our platform. We worked very closely with our customers as partners to co-create the ideal workflow and workspace and this latest release will really supercharge and improve the work our clients are able to do.”