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Spotify teams with Festicket to turn your listening habits into festival tickets

By 28/07/2018June 4th, 2021No Comments

Spotify has teamed up with Festicket, a leading music festival travel-booking platform, to make it easier to find festivals that align with your everyday listening habits. It’s aptly called¬†”Festival Finder”¬†and how it works is fairly simple: after connecting your Spotify account with Festicket, the startup scans your streaming history and then surfaces 10 upcoming festivals worth looking into. If one is just too good to pass up, you one can use Festicket to buy tickets and book travel arrangements.

“We now offer over 1,000 festivals on the platform, and we know first-hand how overwhelming it can be when trying to pick out the one to go to,” said¬†Zack Sabban, co-founder and CEO. “Our Festival Finder solves that problem by presenting a tailored list of festivals that best match your listening habits, including some under the radar gems that could soon become your new favourite festival destination.”

Festicket was founded in 2012 by Sabban¬†and Jonathan Younes and looks to give music fans a way to discover and book complete travel packages — tickets, transportation and hotel — for festivals around the globe.

According to¬†Techcrunch, Festicket wants to transform its 1,000 festival-strong catalog into an “intelligent engine” for festival discovery.