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Uberall wins Digiday Award for ‘Best Location-Based Platform’

By 13/12/2019June 4th, 2021No Comments

Uberall, Inc., the “Near Me” brand experience solution for enterprises and SMBs, is excited to announce that it has won the Digiday Award for Best Location-Based Platform. This award recognizes the top location-based services technology platform for consumer marketing.

Digiday describes the awards as its most prestigious program, noting that “these awards recognize the top work across the industry ranging from campaigns and social good, to the innovative brands, agencies and publishers behind them.”

“We’re thrilled to receive this award,” said Norman Rohr, Uberall SVP of Marketing & Communication. “It validates all the hard work we do at Uberall and recognizes us as a market leader.”

For its submission, Uberall chose a case study about British Petroleum‚Äôs (BP) efforts to transform and expand its global retail business. What BP essentially needed was a digital transformation in location marketing. Uberall helped BP achieve the ambitious goal of putting a pin within a pin for each of the BP locations that hosted a partner — the first such innovation in the fuel retail world.

Uberall helped ensure that BP’s listings data was correct across a network of more than 18,000 gas stations in 17 countries. This allowed BP to improve data accuracy at the root, instead of just downstream through aggregation, which leads to duplicates and other errors in the local search ecosystem.

Uberall executed the formatting of the data to ensure the highest accuracy online, boosting data quality on a wide array of listing attributes, including opening hours, amenities, social media and URL. They have now set up 100% of BP stations with accurate geo-coordinates, street listings, and formatting. Customers have asked for nearly 30 million more directions from Google Maps in the past year alone. As a result, BP received millions more high-intent impressions, navigation requests, calls and visits, resulting in significant revenue.

In addition to the Digiday award, Uberall has taken home several other honors this year, including an LSA Ad-to-Action award and a SIINDA Digital Marketing and Innovation award.

“This past year, Uberall has been fortunate to receive multiple awards that show the high quality of our technology and our work,” Rohr said. “The Digiday award is a great way to cap off the past year, and we look forward to more growth and momentum in 2020.”