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DocuSign completes acquisition of Seal Software to deliver benefits of Artificial Intelligence

By 03/05/2020June 4th, 2021No Comments

In order to marks another step toward bringing the benefits of AI to the digital transformation of the agreement process, DocuSign, which offers eSignature solution as part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, has announced the closing of its acquisition of Seal Software, one of the leading contract analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) technology providers.

“Seal’s technology and value proposition can now be more comprehensively integrated across the DocuSign Agreement Cloud—the company’s suite of applications and integrations for automating and connecting the entire agreement process. By adding Seal to our growing portfolio, we are enhancing the agreement process through the use of AI-driven analytics and machine learning technology,” said Scott Olrich, DocuSign’s COO.

In a blog post, DocuSign revealed the acquisition of Seal allows the company to deliver more AI and analytics capabilities, both now and in the future. In addition to continuing to sell, service, and enhance Intelligent Insights, DocuSign accelerating the development of Seal’s technology and its integration with other Agreement Cloud products, such as DocuSign CLM.

Besides this, DocuSign is providing a broader range of purpose-built AI models for needs like data privacy, Brexit, LIBOR, and analyzing agreements for COVID-19-related risks such as “force majeure” clauses, stated the company.

Asserting that the company can serve your analytics needs more broadly and deeply with the infusion of talent that Seal has brought, DocuSign notified, “We are advancing our AI analytics infrastructure, which originated from DocuSign’s 2017 acquisition of technology from machine learning startup Appuri.”

Moreover, DocuSign has also mobilized to accelerate critical agreements needed for healthcare, emergency government services, education, small business lending, work from home, and doing business remotely. The eSignature company has thousands of DocuSigners supporting its customers’ COVID-19 needs around the world: sales representatives acting as inbound agents for “How can we…” requests, customer-success professionals advising on use-case implementations, product and operations personnel reconfiguring infrastructure to handle unique demand patterns, and marketing team members collecting and communicating what everyone is doing so the learnings are shared.

As far as work from home is concerned, DocuSign is helping organizations expand eSignature availability so people can conduct business from home, as well as helping HR and IT support employees’ at-home work. “In response to work-from-home needs, we’ve been supporting wider rollouts of eSignature within organizations, allowing more at-home workers to remotely conduct business that requires signing agreements,” notified DocuSign.