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New version of Neocase Software’s HR Power brings greater automation to shared service centers

By 02/10/2018June 4th, 2021No Comments

ocase Software, the leading cloud supplier of integrated HR and Finance Service Delivery Solutions, announces the release of Version 15.

A study by the¬†USC¬†Center for Effective Organizations¬†concluded HR organizations spend only 27% of their time doing strategic work.¬† That’s because 73% of the time is spent on manual administrative work.¬† A successful HR transformation requires reducing time on manual work to gain time for strategic work.¬† And Version 15 builds on this Neocase tradition.

Since 2008, Neocase has developed software that enables HR service centers to automate administrative work, so they can dedicate more resources to strategic initiatives.  Neocase Version 15 takes these capabilities to an unprecedented level through Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and design improvements.

New dashboards and HR user interfaces enable service center reps and teams to work more efficiently with industrial-strength case management tools.

Employee Document Management now includes a new connector for Adobe eSign, so companies using Adobe can incorporate electronic signatures into their automated processes.  DocuSign enhancements give HR service reps new visibility into e-signature status when DocuSign is used.

Document Templates can now be generated with dynamic inserts, based on employee roles and case data.  For example, different contractual parameters can be automatically inserted into a document, based on the Union membership data in the employee record. These Document Management enhancements automate one of the more time-consuming transactional areas of HR.

Version 15 improves the employee experience by adding a convenient Instant Messaging (IM) channel, integrating Neocase with popular IM apps such as Skype and Slack. An employee can chat with an HR representative, and get answers from the Neocase Knowledge base from within Skype on any device.  This convenience lets employees access HR service from the supported application of their choice.

The Neocase REST API now enables 3rd party chatbots to communicate more deeply with the Case Management module, so the chatbot can execute more of the case management process. This frees HR agents to focus their efforts on higher-value tasks.

According to¬†Jerome Menard, Neocase Chief Technology Officer, “The enhancements in Neocase 15 are part of the Neocase mission to continually improve the productivity of our clients’ HR Service Centers, and the experience of their employee customers.¬† As a result, many more of our clients are making significant progress along their HR transformation journeys.”