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Siklu announces the multi-gigabit MultiHaul‚Ñ¢ mesh node N360

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Siklu, the global market leader in millimeter wave wireless solutions, is announcing a new 360-degree coverage mesh node as part of its industry-leading MultiHaul‚Ñ¢ series: the MultiHaul‚Ñ¢ N360. ‘Gigabit for all’ takes a giant step forward with the compact mmWave node that offers the greatest¬†flexibility¬†for service providers, system integrators and carriers focused on delivering gigabit connections in dense environments.

he N360 is topology independent and can be deployed in PtMP or a mesh topology with a built-in wireless backhaul. The node can be installed as an enhanced Base Unit in a PtMP topology, with the advantage of only one install required for >90° coverage and the wireless backhaul connection. If the target region is a neighborhood of Single Family Units, where take rates are uncertain, the N360 can be used as a self-organizing (SON) mesh node, adding nodes as the network expands and densifies. The built-in wireless backhaul via other N360 devices or the ability to connect to a network POP via fiber or a Siklu EtherHaul™ link with up to 10Gbps FD are a perfect fit for any topology. On the subscriber side, the N360 delivers a gigabit to either of the currently available Siklu MultiHaul™ Terminal Units (T200, or the cTU T201).

The N360 is supported by Siklu’s advanced SmartHaul‚Ñ¢ tools: WiNDE for network design, SmartHaul‚Ñ¢ EMS for management, and is focused on reducing the Total Cost of Ownership by adding SON for centralized and automated operations of the meshed nodes.

When deployed in a mesh topology, Siklu’s self-organizing protocols centrally controlled from SmartHaul‚Ñ¢ SON, ensure “light-touch” deployments and on-going optimizations, eliminating service disruptions.

Combining the advanced self-organizing centralized controls with superior automatic beam steering means installations can be completed within minutes and with minimal skillsets.

“Siklu continues to be the leader in mmWave systems, offering the broadest portfolio of PTP (EtherHaul‚Ñ¢), PtMP (MultiHaul‚Ñ¢), SaaS tools and now mesh products in the market.” said¬†Eyal Assa, Siklu’s CEO. “When deploying Gigabit connections to customers it is not a one size fits all scenario. At Siklu we understand this and with the N360 we continue to provide solutions that deliver robust and sustainable ROIs to carriers and smart cities across the globe.”